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A Lovely, Lazy Weekend

  This turned out to be a lazy weekend for me. Sleeping in ‘til an hour before noon, laying there checking phone updates until it actually turned 12. No plans were made at all. Lazy days. And absolutely welcome. The previous weeks had been crazy. It’s nearly full on holiday season, but we just had… Continue reading A Lovely, Lazy Weekend


A Legend Close to Home

Betty Van Norstrand: Master Sugar Artist By Cindy Yuong, AOS Baking & Pastry May 5, 2017 Little do people know there is a legend in the industry residing extremely close to campus. Having grown up in the area, Betty Van Norstrand is within access to the students of the CIA. Many of the chefs at… Continue reading A Legend Close to Home


The Rise of East Asian Bakeries

By Cindy Yuong, AOS Baking & Pastry April 12, 2017 American and French bakeries are ubiquitous around America, but what about the occasional Asian bakery and its host of glorious baked goods? American bakeries hold classics - comfortable sweet flavors the tongue knows. Patisseries and boulangeries are more varying in their flavors and products, always… Continue reading The Rise of East Asian Bakeries